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Unleash a whole new world of capabilities with Experian’s APIs

In today’s digitally engaged world of rapidly expanding interconnectivity, the API Economy is innovatively revolutionising how the world interacts. Everything from web applications, to financial institutions utilising private APIs to manage current accounts, through to the seamless digital transformation of organisations, is all being made possible through the integration of APIs. A technical evolution is being powered – because of APIs. 

Gain further insight and hear from Experian’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) – Barry Libenson, about why Experian’s Developer Portal is so critical, the wealth of capabilities available through its curated ecosystem of APIs and the value Experian’s Developer Portal brings to the API Economy:

A picture of Barry Libenson - Experian's CIO
               Barry Libenson - Experian's CIO

"Experian has always been focused on delivering data to customers in the most flexible way possible. In many cases an application is used by clients that programmatically allows access to data and insights, however, customers are increasingly requesting access to data via their own application stack."

"Historically, each business unit would provide a set of API capabilities to customers using different tools and their own set of API definitions. Imagine that you are a large global Experian client such as American Express, who uses Experian platforms around the world. Given that each region within Experian operates independently, how do we ensure consistency to our clients? Is the definition of a “customer” and the data that makes up this definition consistent, so that when American Express wants to query Experian about a customer they can use the same API entry point to perform the task, regardless of the region or business they are working with? Put slightly differently, how do we ensure a “customer” in Brazil means the same thing as a customer in North America?"

"This is why Experian’s Developer Portal is so critical. The portal provides a methodology, allowing customers and Experian developers a consistent approach to creating API capabilities across regions and multiple Experian data sets. Rather than having each region, and each business within a region determine what API platform will be used, Experian has standardized on the Google Apigee platform by working collaboratively with the Experian development community around the globe. By selecting an enterprise level technology, we ensure that Experian clients have the best possible experience when retrieving data through an Experian API entry point. If adoption and utilization of the technology is an indicator of its success, the numbers speak for themselves. Five years ago, we were not processing any API transactions via the Developer Portal. Today, we are processing hundreds of millions of transactions a month and billions of transactions a year with consistent growth annually. If you have not looked at this technology as a business enabler, we encourage you to do so."


Connecting to Experian data via Experian's Developer Portal means:

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Making better business decisions.

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 Onboarding customers faster.

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Reducing customer touchpoints. 


So, why not get started today and integrate our APIs and unleash a whole new world of capabilities.